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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 6:52 pm

QQStory Forums Rules and Regulations
You are subjected to follow these rules and regulations at all times. You are able to access the forum with freedom of your choice, don't ruin it. Disobey these rules, disciplinary action will be taken.


* You are not to spam in the forums.
* You are not to post external advertisement in our forums.
* Sexual terms and references may be present on our forums.
* One word posts are not permitted.
* Do not be a troll.

Rules on spam is very simple, just don't do it. You shouldn't spam for any reason. (ex: to get a high post count.) Your posts will most likely be deleted. That is why there is an edit button so you can edit your post and add more, if needed.

Do not have conversations in the main thread. Keep it straight to the subject or the thread will be locked/deleted. Other players that stray along will need the help of your threads, so if you make a conversation that doesn't follow the subject, it takes more effort to create a new thread asking the same question or anything of the sort.

If you need to have a conversation with a friend, use the chat box that is provided on the top of the forum homepage, it's there for a reason. There also other ways of communication such as MSN and AIM, use it. There is also this thing called "personal message" provided to you all players where you can write a message on someones profile.

One word posting such as "LOL" is not permitted. One word posting will result a moderator to put your reputation down and leave a comment on your post such as, "One word post. [Mod who posted here.]" Keep your comments longer than one word, so it's not useless.

Double to triple posts is also not permitted. Use the edit button if you need to add something, that is why it's there. Result will be a moderator to put your reputation down and a comment of, "Double/Triple/Etc post. [Name of mod here.]"

Rude comments to other players is not allowed.

If you have a problem with a player, you do not have to post rude comments to where they have. Sort the problem out somewhere else such as MSN or : Report a player here.

Impersonating a forum member is not allowed at all.

First of all, you are only permitted to one account only. You will be banned if you have two accounts. Second of all, impersonating a moderator, a game master, or an admin, or any other regular forum member shouldn't happen. If so, you will be banned. As for in-game, if you are impersonating a regular player, the player being impersonated may contact a Game Master and they will handle the problem. The most that will happen if you do not follow, will be a jail. As for impersonating any Game Master/Admin/Intern, you will be banned. Do not beg to stay because it was your fault in the first place to impersonate.

As for the threads that are on this forum, if there is a topic telling you to read it, read it.

Thank you.

143, that means I love you. <3
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Rules and Regulations
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