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PostSubject: suggestions   suggestions EmptySat Jul 10, 2010 7:20 pm

Suggestions for QQstory-

-change names from around 1000-2000 not sure how often tear drops drop oftenly
-rebirth items(# of same items ex. red snail shells amount-50) ya u get it o-o
-mounts+saddles-100 or 200 tear drops maybe?
-more events ofc Very Happy
-get some friends to play qq
-bigger community
-i think we should hav a all-in-one shop c;
-i didnt check the fm's so like u should put some monster bosses in there
-an npc of a jq-not sure whats the prize up to u guys Very Happy
-oo I LOVE PQ'S!!!!(party quest) like kerning cpq (use to play it on gms Very Happy)
-jail incase ppl r being rude(put a list of ppl so u can unjail them if u want)
-ofc u guys know this but just putting it in here Very Happy ban hackers or disobeying the qqstory rules!!!
-a map where u kill monsters around ur range of levels like a place where ujust teleport into portals where u dont hav to change citys or sumthing c; ya i dont make sense o 3o

ya pretty much it o uo hope it helps Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: suggestions   suggestions EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 8:35 am

I don't want the RB system like FMS!
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PostSubject: Re: suggestions   suggestions EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 3:57 pm

Neither do I. ^
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PostSubject: Re: suggestions   suggestions Empty

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